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˹ѧͧ͢ "¡Ţ Ѻ"


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ѴѴ˹ѧͧ͢ 稾ҧἧǤѺ

áǡ÷ͧǷҧ ѹĴ١Ź͹

˹ѧͪժ "¡Ţ Ѻ"


Why ͡Ƕ֧Ңͧ Ǫ

ͧҡͧ ҡ . Т⹧

ǡ͹͡仪 Ǫ¢ͧ

- ⴴǷ
- ͹ ˹

ͧҧԹ ʴ⪤
- 3
- ժѧ ͧ
- ҡ Т ä ͧѡʧ

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- Ъҧ 2 Ẻ

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- 觡Шҹ ʹ

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- çӷ Ժ ͺ
- ١ٷ е + ѹ
- оԷѡ ѹѡ

- - ͧ

Ӥѭ Ҿ ҡ˹ѧ Ҿ pich888 , abijung , ѧ , ҹ ,
ͧ , , ͹Թ ,palmy616 , + ѹ ,
ѹ , ͡ , ͧ

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4 Ҥ 245 ҷ

ҡءҹç ش˹ع繡ѧ㹡÷ӧҹ¹ФѺ ǹ˹ѧѡ
㨨йç 繷ع㹡÷ӡԨѧҷӡѹµʹ

ǹ˹觨ǹͧ纪 㹡繤

ǹ˹ѧ ҧἹ÷ǤѺ Դ͡Ѻ͹
Ǫ·ءФѺ 觧ҹҷµç

ҹûЪѹ Ǥ餧ͧҡء ¡ѹաçѺ ͹ѧ
ʶҹ ѡ¹ мǹǢͧ˹ѧ
͹ҪǪ¨Ѵҹŧ ͡ûЪѹ繷ҧադѺ

ءդѹ ͧսѹ ѹҵѹͧա˹ 㨨ԧ
͡ӽѹͧ͹ 繨ԧ仴 鹤ͤ㨢ͧԧ 㹡èѴ纵͹á
Ѻҹ¹ ŧ ѡѹ йӧҹ¹ҹվ

ѹ÷觷ѡ ѹդآԧ Ѻ

ͺسء ǧҪԵ ҹ

ͺسçѹ㨨ҡ Chomthai M@G



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m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-04-20 10:54:40] mail not show

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ҧǹҡ Why


m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-04-20 10:56:23] mail not show

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ա ҹиҹ

m_4f25377.jpg Chon Chevy [2011-04-20 11:04:11] mail not show

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شʹҡѺ͡ Ǩҵͧǹ˹ѧѴ仺ҧ ^^

m_f856db5.jpg fri9thsep [2011-04-20 11:14:03] mail not show

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Ѵ ͺҹͧ

m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-04-20 11:20:02] mail not show

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˹ѧçѹ㹡úѹ֡ͧǡԹҧͧ͹ ء

Post by : buffet. [2011-04-20 11:39:12]

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... ˹ѧ

m_ohaeey.png ohaeey [2011-04-20 11:47:15] mail not show

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m_e796135.jpg DJ-yada [2011-04-20 11:49:09]

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ҡ¹觨ѧ... Ф....

m_tuman47.jpg tuman47 [2011-04-20 11:56:13]

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m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-04-20 12:03:50] mail not show

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ҡ PR ˹ѧͧ͢Ǫ¡ѹ˹¤Ѻ
ٻ㹪ͧ ҧ Facebook ¤Һ


Post by : buffet. [2011-04-20 12:15:03] mail not show

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m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-04-20 12:16:23] mail not show

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m_790fccd.jpg Pluck [2011-04-20 16:09:09] mail not show

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ش¤о͡ ͫ ^^

m_f22e897.jpg iamaor [2011-04-20 19:19:53] mail not show

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شʹ ˹ѧ ¡ ^^

m_13bfa61.jpg Patty00 [2011-04-21 21:50:22] mail not show

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駷ҺѺ ҡͺѺҧӹѡ 觨ШѴ觾ء ѹ 12 ..
͹Ѻ ͹ ʹлء¤Ѻ


m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-04-23 07:36:30] mail not show

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m_adbc60c.jpg ѧŹ [2011-04-23 11:03:14]

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m_0c79b7f.jpg ploy [2011-04-25 10:53:21] mail not show

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m_Good time.jpg Good time [2011-04-27 17:16:17]

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m_43b24d9.jpg chai20 [2011-04-29 17:13:48] mail not show

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觨ҡҹ๷ǹŴѹ 50 ҷѺ

ҨѴ 30 ҷ ǻ

m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-05-08 22:40:14] mail not show

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m_Postcard Girl.gif Postcard Girl [2011-05-09 19:44:39]

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Post by : chobee [2011-05-11 14:22:05] mail not show

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ԹդѺ ѧ觼ŧҹѹ Իѡѹ˹¹ФѺ

m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-05-11 15:47:03] mail not show

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仴ٷἧǤѺ ٻͧǢ

Post by : ѹ ǹ [2011-05-22 02:12:57]

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double a book



m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-05-23 14:45:58] mail not show

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m_1112224.jpg [2011-05-26 11:17:44] Tel : 0873399548 mail not show

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ꡡ ͡Ѻ зԻѴ "¡Ţ šѺ"
ҧἧѹ Թ Թ ͡˭ ٹ˹ѧͨ

ԧ PR

m_740ef53.jpg ake_chomthai [2011-05-30 14:47:36] mail not show

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ªش˹عա... ԿҨ˹ѧ
ҵͧաط㹡â Ѻ˹ѧ¡Ţ鹺¤.....ҹҹʹءءѹ....

Post by : ͭ Ᾱ Эҭ [2011-06-18 14:56:51]

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m_726c19a.jpg loke [2011-07-19 09:13:00] mail not show

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m_1f0e165.png TummZ [2011-10-01 13:16:40] mail not show

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